There are many people who continue to feel that the whole educational system is just a scam. How they reached that conclusion still continues to puzzle many; but with the rise of school dropout millionaires, it is not all surprising. Part of what they see as a scam in the whole system is the requirement of students to learn things that they never get to apply, throughout their lives. Interestingly, many students have always wondered why they are even required to write long and perhaps boring essays at school, especially when they do not have any interest in writing. While it is okay to assume that this all part of the conspiracy, it may be worthwhile to identify useful skills that you gain while writing your essays.

You learn to write

The most important thing you learn from writing my essay is that you gradually have your writing skills developed. This means that you learn how to construct sentences; how to effectively use punctuations, and even spellings. These are things that you will surely find useful throughout your life. There is any hardly anyone that would argue that learning how to produce a written report with essential ingredients like an introduction, a body, and a conclusion are not useful skills to have. Having said this, we shall look out other equally important reasons why you might need to take your essay writing more seriously.

You learn to argue

When we actually say you need to learn how to argue, that should really sound weird. The reason for this is that nearly everyone knows how to do that, and if you are more observant you would actually see people arguing over the latest football match in your vicinity, or you might find two neighbors constantly locking horns on petty issues. But that is not what we mean. We are actually talking about the ability to develop powerful arguments on topical issues. This entails presenting points in a coherent and very logical manner; and the ability to persuade others through clever argumentation.

You learn to research

Furthermore, writing essays teaches you how to do a simple research—you can rest assured that not many people have this skill. By writing essays, you learn to make comparisons, inferences, and deductions. While it is true that this will surely help you in getting a good grade on your assignment, it could prove to be very useful when you go shopping. In case you are wondering if you really want to learn to do research, then you should know that it would be difficult to avoid it—as it the need would always arise even beyond the academic circle.

You learn to be objective

Have you ever had a conversation with some\one in which you seriously wanted to see beyond their biases? I can only guess the feeling was not a pleasant one. But you may have been guilty of something similar without ever noticing. The point is that when you write essays, your worldview is expanded, little by little. This may be sufficient to rid you of certain prejudices and biases. Most of the time, in writing an essay, you draw information from a wide range of sources and as such, you are able to make an objective comparison of the different ideas of different authors. You sure want to objectively criticize the government, your spouse, kids, etc.; and this is just what you learn from writing essays.


Don’t forget that many of the topics you may have asked to write on have not always been your favorites, but that is an essential part of writing essays. By writing on subjects that are not familiar to you, you become flexible; and would, therefore, find it easy to adapt to different situations. Finally, it is already obvious that there are lots of things you learn while writing my essays. Some are of immediate value, others are for the future.